The press release, below, was authored by Chief Matthew Bender of Lanoka Harbor Emergency Medical Services, Inc.

For Immediate Release

Lanoka Harbor EMS is pleased to announce to our residents that we have voted unanimously to move forward with the purchase of two (2) new vehicles.


The first vehicle, a 2017 Ford Explorer, will replace the current Chief’s vehicle – a 2009 Dodge Durango. The Durango will be moved into a supervisory role, and will be available to all qualified members to utilize to respond directly to the scene of an emergency. These vehicles allow our members to respond to calls for assistance and begin rendering emergency medical care in a more expeditious manner. Members in these vehicles are often able to assess the nature of an illness/injury, determine an appropriate response code, or even cancel an incoming ambulance if its services are not needed, decreasing the chance of traffic hazards associated with code 3 responses (driving with lights and sirens).

2017-LHEMS-Ford-Ambulance-Blue-PrintThe second vehicle Lanoka Harbor EMS has moved on, is a new 2018 Ford E-450 chassis, replacing the chassis of their current 2001 ambulance. The ambulance chassis being replaced currently has over 16 years, 100,000 miles and over 5,000 calls for services attributed to it. Rechassising (versus buying a complete new) an ambulance, is a more economical and practical choice for departments that have well-maintained equipment. The cost savings associated with the rechassis of an ambulance will allow Lanoka Harbor EMS to effectively mitigate the attrition of their ambulances. A new ambulance purchase typically costs about 50% more than rechassing a current ambulance.

In addition to the obvious duties of the above-mentioned vehicles, it has been shown, via the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Recruitment and Retention Manual (FEMA, United States Fire Administration), that “new, well-maintained vehicles” are an extremely effective recruitment and retention tool. Potential members are attracted to the organization by these new vehicles, while existing members pride themselves on being able to operate and maintain the fleet. In a socioeconomic climate where agencies all across the United States find volunteerism stifled, stagnant, or nonexistent, Lanoka Harbor EMS believes the purchase of these assets (in addition to other recruitment/retention methods), will benefit not only the patients they serve, but their agency itself.

Lanoka Harbor EMS is always looking for men and women to join our team of professional volunteers and assist us in our mission of saving lives. Apply for membership today by visiting THIS LINK