January 1st – 31st 2018
Lanoka Harbor EMS Monthly Chief’s Report


January was a great start to another successful year at Lanoka Harbor EMS. We received word that our remounted ambulance (268) was nearing completion, we sent our old chassis out for retrofitting to support our existing fleet as an additional support unit and we formalized plans to support Lacey Township’s “Cop Card” program for the 2018 year.

Incidents Handled by Lanoka Harbor EMS

During the month of January, Lanoka Harbor EMS responded to 75 assignments, generating 91 patient care reports and 51 hospital transports. The difference in these numbers is explained by multiple assets responding to the same assignment, e.g. a supervisor vehicle and ambulance responding to the same scene. The assignment type which possessed the highest rate of occurrence for the month of January was “Generalized Weakness”, with 13 occurrences. Following that was “Respiratory Emergency” and “Cardiac Emergency”, both with 11 occurrences.

Mutual Aid Requests

12 requests for mutual aid were answered by Lanoka Harbor EMS:

  • Lacey Township EMS: 11 requests answered, resulting in 8 assignments completed
  • Bayville EMS: 1 request answered, resulting in 1 assignment completed

Frequently, Lanoka Harbor EMS is requested for mutual aid and is not actually needed. Therefore, you will note a difference in the number of requests and completed assignments.

Duty Hours Logged by Lanoka Harbor EMS

During the month of January, Lanoka Harbor EMS members logged over 2251 hours of duty time. 100% of these hours were in direct support of our primary mission – there were no special event coverage assignments during this period of time.

A Call for New Members

Lanoka Harbor EMS is always looking for new members! If you are interested, you can APPLY HERE, or LEARN MORE ABOUT BEING A MEMBER. We’d love to welcome you aboard!