On Thursday, January 11, 2017, LHEMS accepted delivery of the newest addition to their fleet – a remounted Horton Model 533, built on a 2018 Ford E-450 chassis. This vehicle replaced a 2001 Model 533, with over 100,000 engine miles, 4,200 patient transports and 7,400 hours of service attributed to its lifespan.

With the price tag for new ambulances north of $205,000.00, the decision to remount vs buy new was obvious.

“Remounting our existing patient compartment on a new Ford van chassis saved our agency approximately $100,000.00.” Chief Matthew Bender was quoted. “It was an easy decision, as our box (the patient compartment) was still in fantastic shape.”

The remounted vehicle, which was recently put into full service, includes enhanced safety features such as reflective striping, highway markings and a video recording drive camera system. The vehicle’s emergency warning systems were also completely upgraded to offer other drivers the most amount of time to react to an approaching emergency vehicle.

“As our standing orders dictate, emergency warning systems are only ever used during a true emergency where time is of the essence, however, we decided to upgrade these systems for those rare occasions. We wanted to ensure that when these emergency warning systems are activated, other drivers have ample time to take notice and yield appropriately,” the Chief said.

As an added benefit, Lanoka Harbor EMS┬áplans to re-purpose the chassis from which their patient compartment was removed. This vehicle will be used to support other facets of Lanoka Harbor EMS’s community involvement, without tying up valuable emergency medical resources.